With the advancement of technology, consumer engagement strategies are constantly evolving. Brands are now leveraging Web3 technologies like blockchain and artificial intelligence to better connect with their audience, moving beyond traditional Web2 channels such as social media. This shift towards innovative approaches is paving the way for a more interactive and rewarding relationship between brands
The cryptocurrency world is abuzz with excitement and speculation as the countdown to the 2024 bitcoin halving event nears its climax. Social media platforms have seen a surge in discussions surrounding the impending halving, with analysts suggesting that such peaks in activity often coincide with notable shifts in market sentiment and price action. While some
The recent fluctuations in the price of Bitcoin have raised concerns about the continuation of the crypto bull cycle. The flash crash on April 12 resulted in a significant drop in the value of Bitcoin, from $70,000 to below $67,000. This decline has made it challenging for Bitcoin to reclaim its recent all-time high of
Guy Ficco, the chief of criminal investigations at the IRS, recently highlighted a concerning trend in the world of taxation. According to Ficco, taxpayers are increasingly engaging in tax crimes related to cryptocurrency. These crimes, known as “pure crypto tax crimes,” involve violations of Title 26 of the US Code, which deals with federal income
Crypto-supportive litigator John Deaton has emerged as a formidable opponent to Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren in the race for a place in Parliament. Recent reports indicate that Deaton has successfully raised $1.36 million for his campaign in the first quarter, outpacing Warren’s fundraising efforts. Deaton has garnered significant support from well-known figures in the crypto
When considering the potential impact of Bitcoin Halving on the price of the cryptocurrency, it is important to analyze historical price trends. Lead analyst Hannah Phung from on-chain analytics platform SpotOnChain highlighted that Bitcoin’s price tends to increase around 6 to 12 months after the Halving event. This is supported by past data, as significant
Bitcoin has been showing remarkable recovery recently, hovering around the $70,000 threshold. This momentum has sparked optimism among crypto enthusiasts regarding the digital asset’s growth leading up to the much-anticipated Bitcoin Halving event. Rekt Capital, a renowned cryptocurrency analyst, has meticulously analyzed the market and outlined three distinct stages of the event for investors to