Godspower Owie, a native of Edo State, Nigeria, credits his upbringing and family for shaping his character and values. With three siblings who served as his idols and mentors, he learned important life lessons that guided him through his journey. His parents, in particular, provided unwavering support and a sense of security that helped him
Bitcoin has begun another decline from the $59,500 resistance area and is currently moving lower, creating a bearish sentiment in the market. The price is now trading below $57,500 and the 100 hourly Simple Moving Average, indicating a negative trend for the cryptocurrency. A key declining channel is forming with resistance at $58,400 on the
Aayush Jindal, a prominent figure in the financial markets, has been navigating the realms of Forex and cryptocurrency trading for over 15 years. Renowned for his expertise in technical analysis, Aayush has earned a reputation as a trusted advisor and senior market expert, guiding investors worldwide with his insightful chart analysis and keen market insights.
Ethereum price is currently on a path towards a potential recovery. The price of ETH is gradually climbing above the $3,000 mark, showing some positive movement. Additionally, the price is above the key 100-hourly Simple Moving Average, indicating a bullish trend. There is also a short-term declining channel or a bullish flag forming with resistance
Aayush Jindal is a prominent figure in the world of financial markets, boasting over 15 years of experience in Forex and cryptocurrency trading. His expertise and proficiency in providing technical analysis have made him a trusted advisor and senior market expert to investors worldwide. Aayush’s journey to success began at a young age, where his