With the advancement of technology, consumer engagement strategies are constantly evolving. Brands are now leveraging Web3 technologies like blockchain and artificial intelligence to better connect with their audience, moving beyond traditional Web2 channels such as social media. This shift towards innovative approaches is paving the way for a more interactive and rewarding relationship between brands
Crypto-supportive litigator John Deaton has emerged as a formidable opponent to Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren in the race for a place in Parliament. Recent reports indicate that Deaton has successfully raised $1.36 million for his campaign in the first quarter, outpacing Warren’s fundraising efforts. Deaton has garnered significant support from well-known figures in the crypto
Stablecoins have been gaining significant attention in the crypto market, with Ethena (USDe) emerging as one of the latest contenders. Bitwise President Teddy Fusaro recently took to Twitter to discuss the protocol’s mechanics, highlighting USDe as potentially the fastest-growing USD-denominated asset in the history of crypto. Fusaro compared USDe to an ETF, noting that the
The head of the Korbit Research Center at the Korbit crypto exchange, Kim Min-seung, has recently claimed that US stock traders are now exerting a significant influence on Bitcoin prices. In the past, prices were primarily influenced by Bitcoin miners and whales. However, according to Kim, this dynamic has shifted in recent months. He attributed
EigenLayer, a leading blockchain protocol, saw a significant expansion of its mainnet recently with the addition of two major players in the tech industry – Coinbase and Google Cloud. This move, aimed at strengthening the network’s security, marks a significant milestone for EigenLayer as it strives to enhance the overall ecosystem. Coinbase Cloud, in a
In a recent letter addressed to House Financial Service Committee Chairman Patrick McHenry and Ranking Member Maxine Waters, Senator Elizabeth Warren raised concerns about the proposed stablecoin bill. She emphasized the importance of including anti-money laundering laws in the regulation of stablecoins to mitigate risks to consumers and the banking system. Warren highlighted that the
Artificial intelligence firm Sapien AI recently announced a successful seed funding round, raising $5 million with support from Primitive Ventures, Animoca Ventures, Ravikant Capital, and Yield Guild Games. This injection of capital will enable Sapien to enhance its mission of offering scalable annotation services for training AI models through its gamified data labelling platform. According