The Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) recently commended crypto exchange Coinbase for its substantial role in assisting major criminal investigations. In a letter to Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong, FinCEN praised the digital currency exchange for its compliance and reporting practices that have aided law enforcement efforts. This acknowledgment comes at a crucial time, as Coinbase
Bitget, a cryptocurrency exchange registered in Seychelles, has made significant strides since its establishment in 2018. With over 25 million registered users globally and a daily trading volume exceeding $10 billion USDT, Bitget has quickly become a dominant player in the crypto trading space. The platform’s offerings have expanded beyond copy trading to include spot
After numerous promises by Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong, the US-based crypto exchange is finally making strides towards integrating the Bitcoin Lightning network. In a recent statement on April 3rd, Lightspark, a lightning network-based payment infrastructure provider, announced that they were selected by Coinbase to assist with the integration process. As part of the partnership, Coinbase
KuCoin, a prominent cryptocurrency exchange, has recently faced legal challenges with US authorities. These challenges have had a significant impact on the exchange’s user assets, as evidenced by the latest proof-of-reserve certificate. The update shows a substantial decrease in users’ Bitcoin holdings, Ethereum balances, and Tether’s USDT on the platform. This decline indicates a loss
The US and UK governments have teamed up to investigate crypto transactions totaling over $20 billion that may have breached Russian sanctions. The transactions are suspected to have been channeled through Garantex, a Russia-based crypto exchange, with the aim of circumventing international sanctions and potentially supporting military activities in Ukraine. Despite comprehensive sanctions against Russia
Tigran Gambaryan, an American citizen working for Binance, has taken legal action against Nigerian authorities, including the National Security Adviser (NSA) Nuhu Ribadu and the Economics and Financial Crime Commission (EFCC). This action comes in response to allegations of human rights violations following his detention on Feb. 26 alongside his colleague Nadeem Anjarwalla. As the