An Enhanced Crypto Purchasing Experience: Ledger and Coinbase Join Forces

An Enhanced Crypto Purchasing Experience: Ledger and Coinbase Join Forces

In a move aimed at enhancing accessibility for self-custody users seeking to purchase cryptocurrencies, leading wallet provider Ledger has teamed up with Coinbase. The collaboration, announced on February 13, involves the integration of Coinbase Pay into Ledger Live, a development that simplifies the process of purchasing crypto and broadens access for new users.

By integrating Coinbase Pay into Ledger Live, the partnership offers Ledger users a seamless pathway to buy digital assets through their Coinbase accounts. Notably, this integration enables users to directly withdraw funds to their wallets with no additional costs. This addresses the often cumbersome and time-consuming process of transferring assets from an exchange to a self-custody wallet, making it more convenient for users.

Boosting Crypto Adoption

The recent launch of Bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs) has paved the way for greater crypto adoption among new users, many of whom may eventually transition to self-custody solutions. The collaboration between Ledger and Coinbase is well-aligned with this trend. By enhancing user experiences and streamlining the purchasing process, the integration will facilitate Ledger’s growth and contribute to Coinbase’s mission of empowering the crypto economy.

Ian Rogers, Ledger’s Chief Experience Officer, highlights the shared commitment between the two companies to simplify crypto usage while prioritizing customer security. With the new integration, Coinbase users can seamlessly purchase crypto within Ledger Live, offering a seamless experience for both Ledger and Coinbase users alike. This reinforces the emphasis on user experience and customer satisfaction.

Partnership for a Seamless Experience

Lauren Dowling, the Head of Product at Coinbase Developer Payment Services, expressed enthusiasm for the partnership, stating, “We’re delighted to collaborate with Ledger to allow users to more seamlessly purchase crypto with Coinbase Pay straight into their self-custody solution.” This collaboration signifies a step forward in the overall goal of creating a more seamless and user-friendly experience for individuals entering the cryptocurrency space.

Leading Hardware Wallet Manufacturer

Ledger is recognized as one of the leading hardware wallet manufacturers in the crypto industry, having sold over 6 million devices across 200 countries. The company provides its services to over 100 financial institutions, and approximately 20% of the world’s crypto is secured through its devices. Despite a setback in December 2020, when the compromise of its ConnectKit library resulted in the theft of around $600,000 in digital assets, Ledger remains a trusted and relied-upon player in the crypto industry.

The collaboration between Ledger and Coinbase brings together two prominent names in the crypto space to enhance the purchasing experience for self-custody users. By integrating Coinbase Pay into Ledger Live, the partnership enables users to seamlessly buy cryptocurrencies through their Coinbase accounts and directly withdraw funds to their wallets. This streamlined process addresses the challenges associated with transferring assets between exchanges and self-custody wallets. With a shared commitment to simplifying crypto usage and prioritizing customer security, Ledger and Coinbase are poised to play pivotal roles in driving the adoption and growth of the crypto economy.


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