Analyzing the Alleged Vulnerability in Binance Trust Wallet

Analyzing the Alleged Vulnerability in Binance Trust Wallet

A recent notice listed on the National Institute of Standards and Technology’s (NIST) vulnerability database has raised concerns about the security of the iOS version of Binance Trust Wallet. The notice claims that an unknown party exploited a vulnerability, leading to economic losses. However, Trust Wallet’s CEO has vehemently denied these allegations and assured the users of Binance Trust Wallet that their assets are safe. In this article, we will critically analyze the situation and delve into the details surrounding this alleged vulnerability.

The Alleged Vulnerability

According to the notice published on February 8, the vulnerability allowed an attacker to generate mnemonics for each timestamp within a specific timeframe and link them to specific wallet addresses. This would result in the theft of funds from those wallets. However, despite the notice being publicly available on NIST’s website, Trust Wallet clarified on Twitter that iOS users have not been affected by this vulnerability since July 2018. The company’s founder took swift action at the time to fix the code and inform all affected users, providing them with a secure migration path.

Trust Wallet’s CEO addressed the issue through a series of tweets, emphasizing that users’ assets are secure and that the company is not being investigated by the US government. In a blog post on the company’s website, Trust Wallet reiterated the steps taken to ensure user safety and highlighted that the identified vulnerable wallet addresses no longer hold any balances. Trust Wallet has undergone internal security audits and external third-party security audits to ensure the robustness of its mobile apps and extensions.

The dissemination of the NIST notice by media outlets comes after Trust Wallet has faced several headline-grabbing events in the past year. In one instance, a user reported being a victim of a scheme that resulted in a $4 million loss. Trust Wallet later confirmed that this was due to a sophisticated social engineering scheme orchestrated by an organized crime unit in Rome, Italy. The company assured its users that their apps were secure and urged them to remain vigilant.

Binance’s Acquisition of Trust Wallet

Binance acquired Trust Wallet in July 2018, incorporating it into its ecosystem through a combination of cash, BNB tokens, and the company’s stock. However, in November 2023, Binance launched its own Web3 wallet, causing a significant decline in the value of Trust Wallet’s native token, TWT.

While the alleged vulnerability affecting the iOS version of Binance Trust Wallet has sparked concerns, Trust Wallet has taken proactive measures to address the situation and reassure its users. The company’s CEO has vehemently denied the allegations and emphasized the security of users’ assets. Trust Wallet’s past incidents and the adoption of additional security measures through internal and external audits indicate a commitment to ensuring the integrity of their platform. As users, it is important to remain informed and vigilant, but we can find some solace in Trust Wallet’s efforts to maintain the safety of our digital assets.


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