Avail’s Goldberg Testnet Milestone Reached

Avail’s Goldberg Testnet Milestone Reached

Avail, the decentralized application (DA) project, has reached a significant milestone on its Goldberg testnet by successfully processing over 100 million transactions. This achievement marks a pivotal moment in Avail’s preparation for the launch of its mainnet. The project’s latest social media post highlighted the successful completion of this milestone, showcasing the project’s ability to handle real-world network load.

To ensure the accuracy of the test activity and reflect human usage, the testnet integrated Gitcoin Passport to prevent bots and Sybil attacks. Additionally, Avail introduced “Clash of Nodes,” an incentivized testnet program aimed at rigorously validating the network through the active participation of validators, light client operators, and the broader community. This initiative not only provided a platform for engagement and competition but also played a crucial role in stress-testing Avail’s infrastructure, particularly focusing on data availability.

“Clash of Nodes” encouraged participation from all interested parties, offering various tasks such as balance transfers and identity checks to contribute to network testing. In a recent funding round, Avail secured $27 million, with notable contributions from investors like Peter Thiel’s Founders Fund and Dragonfly Capital. This infusion of funds came at a critical time for Avail as the project aimed to expand its technological offerings and establish a strong position within the web3 sector.

Avail’s roadmap includes building the Avail Trinity, a three-phase approach focused on unifying multiple ecosystems within web3. This strategic approach aims to create a foundation for a fundamentally integrated blockchain future where separate ecosystems can implement their own technology and scaling solutions while remaining connected via a trust-minimized and secure coordination layer.

Avail’s achievement on the Goldberg testnet signifies a significant step towards the project’s mainnet launch. By successfully processing over 100 million transactions and implementing robust testing and validation measures, Avail is solidifying its position within the decentralized application space. With strategic funding and a clear roadmap for the future, Avail is poised to make a lasting impact on the web3 sector.


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