B2Broker Revolutionizes the Copy Trading Market

B2Broker Revolutionizes the Copy Trading Market

The copy trading industry is experiencing substantial growth, with brokers increasingly seeking advanced copy trading solutions to meet the evolving needs of their traders. In response to this demand, the B2Broker team has introduced a cutting-edge investment platform known as B2Copy, designed to revolutionize the way copy trading is conducted in the market.

Unlike many existing solutions for platforms like MT4 and MT5, B2Broker stands out as the first company, after Spotware (cTrader Copy), to offer enterprise-grade copy trading solutions. Additionally, B2Broker is pioneering the introduction of PAMM for cTrader, adding a new dimension to the copy trading experience. B2Copy is an all-encompassing 3-in-1 investment platform that seamlessly integrates copy trading, PAMM, and MAM functionalities, catering to a diverse range of business models.

One of the standout features of B2Copy is its ultra-fast execution capabilities, ensuring that trades are executed promptly and efficiently. With the ability to process approximately 1,500 trades per second, B2Copy guarantees maximum trade execution without any delays. Moreover, the platform boasts a vast user base, with over 1,000 investors able to connect to a PAMM master and over 5,000 investors supported by a single copy master.

Currently, B2Copy supports an impressive 40,000 investment accounts, 16,000 master accounts, and collaborates with more than 65 active brokers. The platform has witnessed significant growth, achieving a total turnover of $615.6 billion between May 2023 and April 2024, solidifying its position as a key player in the global trading market. In terms of customization, B2Copy has undergone a redesign to enhance user experience, offering a more intuitive and visually appealing interface. The platform now simplifies complex processes into five easy steps and provides guided wizards for seamless navigation. Automation features have been introduced to reduce manual efforts, while trading bots enhance trading activity and improve the overall user experience.

The new pricing structure of B2Copy includes various fees such as performance, trading, subscription, profit, management, and joining fees. Master traders have the flexibility to choose from two cost management options and six techniques for determining performance fees, allowing them to bill investors for signal provision or PAMM account opportunities. Moreover, masters can now set a minimum investment amount to ensure that strategies align with account sizes, ultimately enhancing investor satisfaction and performance.

B2Copy has introduced new widgets for brokers’ websites, separating data and leaderboard sections. Masters now have the ability to share their performance on social media easily by providing direct links to their statistics pages. Furthermore, the platform offers promo and subscription codes, enabling masters to establish unique terms and offer exclusive discounts. The evaluation and analysis tools have been enhanced, with an updated scoring system on the leaderboard making it easier to identify top-performing masters. Investors can conduct comprehensive analysis of a master trader’s strategy with access to 29 statistical parameters on the statistics page.

B2Broker is actively developing cross-server copying capabilities, allowing clients on one server to copy positions from another. Additionally, the team is working on a multi-platform copying solution that will enable clients to choose their preferred trading platform – be it MT4, MT5, or cTrader – without the need to switch platforms. B2Copy seamlessly integrates with popular trading platforms like cTrader, MT4, and MT5, as well as in-house CRM systems and back-office solutions. The platform also supports integration with other broker CRMs, enhancing functionality whether used independently or alongside B2Core.

B2Copy is a game-changing investment platform that offers innovative features, scalability, and speed, making it an attractive option for brokers and their clients worldwide. With its forward-thinking architecture and significant impact on the trading industry, B2Copy has established itself as a leader in the evolving copy trading market.


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