BitBoy Announces the End of Daily Crypto Show Due to Financial Challenges

BitBoy Announces the End of Daily Crypto Show Due to Financial Challenges

Renowned crypto influencer BitBoy, also known as Ben Armstrong, has recently made a shocking announcement regarding the end of his daily crypto show. After three years of providing valuable insights to his audience, BitBoy bid farewell to his loyal followers on January 31. This unexpected decision was attributed to his ongoing financial challenges, which have become increasingly difficult to overcome.

Financial Struggles and Legal Battles

In a heartfelt message shared on his YouTube channel, BitBoy disclosed that his financial struggles have been further exacerbated by his ongoing legal battles. These legal issues have not only consumed a significant amount of his time but have also forced him to bear substantial financial burdens. To maintain the quality of his daily shows, BitBoy shared that he has been spending as much as $25,000 weekly. Additionally, a staggering $100,000 has been drained to cover his mounting legal fees. Sadly, these financial hardships have taken a toll on him, leading to the loss of nearly everything he has worked for.

The Genesis of Legal Issues

BitBoy’s legal issues originated in mid-2023 when he introduced his own cryptocurrency, the $BEN coin. Unfortunately, the launch of this digital asset was met with controversy as the BitBoy Crypto brand did not endorse the project. In response, BJ Investment Holdings, the parent company of BitBoy Crypto, publicly declared their intention to take legal action against Armstrong. Consequently, the crypto influencer was ousted from the entire BitBoy Crypto franchise business.

Although Armstrong filed a counter-lawsuit in an attempt to reclaim his position, the course of events remained unfavorable. Since then, BitBoy has found himself entangled in a web of legal battles, facing opposition from various individuals and entities. The weight of these challenges became evident as he expressed, “We’re barely making it out here, guys. We’ve got lawyers coming at me from every angle. Everyone I know is coming after me right now.”

BitBoy’s YouTube channel has been a significant part of his life, and bidding farewell to his daily crypto livestream was undoubtedly an emotional experience for him. With his 60,000 followers on X, Armstrong reminisced about the three-year journey they had shared. Through market crashes, bull market tops, and epic rants, he was there, providing valuable insights. In an emotional tweet, he expressed his gratitude to his followers, saying, “My daily crypto livestream has been my life. We had a good run. 3 years. Every Monday through Friday without rare exception. Holidays. Birthdays. Market crashes. Bull market tops. Epic rants. I was there with you through it all. I’ll miss you guys.”

The Rise of a Prominent Crypto Influencer

Ben Armstrong rose to prominence in 2021, captivating crypto enthusiasts with his daily insights on digital assets. His YouTube channel became a go-to source for understanding digital asset fundamentals, price predictions, and Web3 investment opportunities, attracting over 91,000 followers throughout the years. Following the announcement of his departure, his subscribers rallied behind him, offering moral support and expressing their appreciation for the wealth of information he had provided since 2021. Many of them hope for his eventual comeback, despite Armstrong not providing any hints regarding such a possibility.

BitBoy’s decision to conclude his daily crypto show due to financial challenges marks a significant turning point in his career. As he navigates through the legal battles, the crypto community eagerly awaits what the future holds for this influential figure. Despite the adversity he currently faces, his impact on the crypto space remains undeniable, leaving a lasting impression on both his loyal followers and the wider digital asset community.


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