Breaking Down the Sponge Community Decision on Staking Rewards

Breaking Down the Sponge Community Decision on Staking Rewards

The Sponge community recently held a vote to determine how the project’s staking rewards should be distributed. The options presented to voters were to receive the rewards instantly, lock them for a month, or have them vested over a period of six months or a year. Despite the choices available, an overwhelming 85.5% of voters opted for the instant claim option. This decision was largely influenced by the desire to take advantage of the project’s current dynamic rewards rate, which offers an attractive 326% APY for stakers on Polygon.

Eligibility and Claim Details

The upcoming staking rewards claim on May 30 will be available to three specific groups of $SPONGE holders. Those who purchased tokens through the presale widget, individuals who bridged to Polygon before February 5th, and holders captured in a snapshot taken on February 5th after the discontinuation of the V1 token are all eligible to claim tokens. Additionally, those who held the V1 token on centralized exchanges have had their tokens swapped for the V2 $SPONGE token on Polygon. This process aims to ensure that all holders are fairly rewarded for their participation in the project.

Since its launch in May 2023, $SPONGE has experienced significant growth, posting returns of up to 10,000% for early supporters. The project’s move from Ethereum to Polygon has opened up new opportunities for stakers and investors, with lucrative rewards being just one aspect of the appeal. As $SPONGE prepares for major exchange listings and the release of a Sponge-themed video game, the community is buzzing with excitement about the project’s potential for future growth and success.

The recent upgrade to $SPONGE’s V2 token introduced a new staking model that offers a generous yield of around 326% for Polygon stakers. With millions of dollars worth of tokens staked and bridged, the project is poised for further expansion within the meme coin and Web3 gaming sectors. As $SPONGE aims for listings on top-tier exchanges like Binance and OKX, investors are keeping a close eye on the project’s progress and potential for explosive price action.

The Sponge community’s decision to opt for instant staking rewards reflects their eagerness to capitalize on the project’s current success and momentum. With key milestones on the horizon, such as major exchange listings and the launch of a Sponge-themed racing game, $SPONGE is positioning itself as a serious player in the meme coin space. As investors eagerly await the upcoming token claim and future developments, the project’s potential for long-term growth and sustainability is a topic of much discussion and anticipation.


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