Crypto Fraud Case Involving South Korean Police Officers

Crypto Fraud Case Involving South Korean Police Officers

Recently, two South Korean police officers have found themselves in the middle of an alleged bribery scandal surrounding a high-profile crypto fraud case. The trial, which began on May 14 at the Gwangju District Court’s Criminal Division, involves a 59-year-old superintendent police officer referred to as “A” and a 57-year-old police lieutenant identified as “B.” These officers are being accused in connection with a crypto fraudster named Tak, who allegedly orchestrated an art-themed altcoin scam.

According to reports, Tak is believed to have defrauded multiple crypto enthusiasts of approximately $2.1 million in fiat and cryptocurrencies. The scheme involved a fake Ethereum (ETH) and NFT-related project, where Tak convinced unsuspecting individuals to invest in a bogus crypto company. When authorities began investigating Tak, he enlisted the help of a legal “broker” named Seong, who allegedly paid bribes to the superintendent police officer amounting to over $7,300 in cash to facilitate the promotion of Officer B.

Both accused officers have been suspended from their positions during the trial proceedings. Officer B previously faced bribery charges related to the same case back in January. It has been revealed that Seong established connections within the local police force and the Gwangju and Mokpo prosecution services. Despite Tak confessing to providing funds to Seong to bribe law enforcement officials and prosecution representatives, the bribery plot quickly fell apart.

In a surprising turn of events, a Mokpo prosecutor was sentenced to a year in jail after accepting a bribe from Seong. The prosecutor was found guilty of receiving money and favors in exchange for sharing confidential information about the case. Seong admitted to placing cash-filled envelopes in the coat pockets of both police officers while meeting them at restaurants. However, A’s legal team has refuted the allegations, questioning the timeline of events and challenging the accuracy of the accounts provided during witness examinations. The court is expected to reconvene on June 11 to delve deeper into the case. Additionally, more individuals, including former and current prosecutors, police officials, and another broker, are slated to face trial in connection with this elaborate scam.

Industry Response

Amidst this unfolding scandal, significant players in the cryptocurrency sphere have been proactive in addressing related issues. For instance, Bithumb, one of Korea’s leading cryptocurrency exchanges, announced its decision to cover all taxes amounting to 40 billion won ($30 million) imposed on winners of its crypto airdrop events. This move signifies a commitment to transparency and compliance within the industry, especially in light of recent controversies surrounding crypto fraud and corruption.

The ongoing trial of South Korean police officers in relation to a crypto fraud case underscores the need for vigilance and ethical conduct within the cryptocurrency ecosystem. As regulatory bodies and industry players grapple with the challenges posed by fraudulent schemes, it is imperative for all stakeholders to prioritize integrity and accountability to maintain trust and credibility in the digital asset space.


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