Crypto Policy Talks Between South Korea and ASEAN

Crypto Policy Talks Between South Korea and ASEAN

In a recent event held in Seoul, South Korean regulators engaged in discussions with officials from ASEAN and the OECD regarding crypto policy. The event, hosted by the Financial Services Commission (FSC) of South Korea, aimed to address the risks associated with cryptocurrencies and other related matters while sharing progress on digital finance policies in ASEAN countries.

During the conference, officials from the Korea Institute of Finance also participated in the talks, emphasizing the importance of collaboration and information exchange among financial regulatory authorities. The discussions revolved around topics such as central bank digital currencies and cryptoassets, highlighting the need for a unified global approach to digital finance.

The FSC announced a second round of talks scheduled for March 19, focusing on the role of artificial intelligence in the financial sector. Vice Chairman Kim So-young underscored the positive impact of financial innovation through digital technology, stressing the importance of establishing a robust regulatory framework to mitigate risks and protect consumers.

Kim called for an active response from South Korean regulators, their ASEAN counterparts, and OECD member countries to address the challenges posed by digital finance and the crypto markets. He emphasized the significance of intentional exchange in the financial industry and the need to align with international regulatory standards to ensure consistency and cooperation.

Despite pressure to approve a Bitcoin spot exchange-traded fund (ETF), regulators have made it clear that they will not act until new legislation is in place. Reports of the Fair Trade Commission investigating K-pop star PSY’s NFT-powered concert ticket sales underscore the regulatory scrutiny surrounding new digital initiatives and their potential impact on the financial market.

As South Korea continues to engage with ASEAN and OECD countries on digital finance policies, the importance of regulatory collaboration and information sharing cannot be overstated. The evolving landscape of cryptocurrencies and digital assets requires a coordinated effort to address risks and promote financial innovation while ensuring consumer protection and market stability. Through active dialogue and cooperation, stakeholders can navigate the complex challenges of digital finance and work towards a more secure and inclusive financial ecosystem.


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