Japan’s Liberal Democratic Party Urges Immediate Crypto Tax Reforms

Japan’s Liberal Democratic Party Urges Immediate Crypto Tax Reforms

Japan’s ruling party, the Liberal Democratic Party, has recently announced its plans to push for immediate tax reforms regarding cryptocurrency transactions. The party’s web3 project team released a “White Paper” on April 12, outlining the need for separate taxation on profits and losses from cryptoasset transactions. This proposal aims to address the current tax laws that require crypto traders to include their earnings on annual income declarations.

Under the current laws in Japan, crypto trading profits and losses are categorized as “other income,” which means that individuals have to declare all crypto-related earnings. This has led to varying tax rates, with low-earning individuals paying as little as 11% on profits, while those in higher tax brackets could pay over 50%. This system differs from most other countries, where traders pay capital gains tax on their earnings from crypto trading.

The proposed tax reforms by the Liberal Democratic Party would separate crypto profits taxation from income tax, allowing traders to defer losses for up to three years. If approved, this would provide much-needed relief to crypto traders in Japan and could potentially drive further growth in the industry. Additionally, the reforms could pave the way for discussions on Japan’s strict crypto leverage trading rules, which have been a point of contention for exchanges in the country.

With Prime Minister Fumio Kishida’s pro-web3 stance and support for NFT-powered economic growth, there is growing optimism within the crypto industry regarding the proposed tax reforms. The white paper has garnered positive feedback from industry insiders, with many stating that it addresses key issues that need improvement. Genki Oda, the Vice Chairman of the Japan Crypto Asset Exchange Association, stressed the importance of implementing these reforms in the future to support the industry’s growth.

The proposed tax reforms will need approval from multiple government bodies, including the Digital Society Promotion unit and the Political Affairs Research Council, before becoming official policy. While it may be a time-consuming process, the Liberal Democratic Party’s dominance in the Japanese political landscape suggests that the reforms are likely to be implemented. However, challenges may arise during the legislative process that could impact the timeline for implementing these changes.

Japan’s push for immediate crypto tax reforms signifies a significant shift in the country’s approach to regulating the crypto industry. The proposed changes have the potential to boost innovation and investment in the sector, positioning Japan at the forefront of the web3 revolution. As the industry awaits further developments, it remains to be seen how these reforms will shape the future of cryptocurrency trading in Japan.


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