New Predictions for XRP Price in Next Bull Market

New Predictions for XRP Price in Next Bull Market

Crypto analyst Jaydee has suggested that the price of XRP could skyrocket to as high as $20 during the peak of the next bull market. However, Jaydee acknowledges that certain factors need to be taken into consideration for this price level to be reached. He emphasized that a structure break on the charts is essential for such a significant surge. Despite his optimistic prediction, Jaydee remains cautious and plans to take profits once XRP becomes overbought on multiple higher timeframes. This analysis came as a surprise to some of his followers since Jaydee had previously expressed skepticism about XRP rising to $10 to $15.

Positive Outlook on XRP

Another crypto analyst, Egrag Crypto, has offered a positive analysis of XRP. He believes that XRP’s monthly time frame is currently looking bullish and hints at a potential major pump that is “brewing.” However, Egrag Crypto suggests that there may still be some downward movement before the pump occurs, which could unsettle weak investors. He points out that a weekly close below the edge of the ascending triangle could trigger a price downturn to $0.34. Conversely, if XRP closes above $0.75, it would invalidate his current setup.

An Opportunity for Accumulation

Despite the uncertainty surrounding XRP’s future price movement, the current market dips provide an opportunity for investors to accumulate more tokens. This strategy allows them to prepare for the anticipated pump, which many analysts believe will occur rapidly. By taking advantage of the lower token prices, investors can position themselves for potential profits during the next bull market.

The prevailing sentiment among various crypto analysts is that XRP will likely experience further declines before any substantial upward movement. Analyst Ali Martinez had previously predicted a potential drop to $0.34 if XRP failed to hold above the $0.55 support level, which has indeed been the case. Echoing similar sentiments, analyst XRP Shark believes that the price range between $0.35 and $0.45 could serve as the bottom area before a significant upward move. Once XRP reaches this range, a “violent move to the upside” is expected to follow. Crypto analyst Crypto Rover also forecasts a “massive breakout” for XRP in March.

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Analysts have different projections for XRP’s future price movement in the next bull market. Despite the potential for a surge to $20, caution is advised, as certain conditions must be met. The ongoing dips in the XRP market are viewed as an opportunity for accumulation, but further declines may occur before the anticipated pump. Investors are advised to conduct their own research and evaluate the risks before making any investment decisions.


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