Ethereum price is currently consolidating above the $3,450 support zone, signaling a period of indecision and uncertainty in the market. Despite attempts to break above key resistance levels, such as $3,550 and $3,620, ETH has struggled to establish a clear upward trend in the near term. The price is currently hovering above $3,500 and the
The Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) recently commended crypto exchange Coinbase for its substantial role in assisting major criminal investigations. In a letter to Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong, FinCEN praised the digital currency exchange for its compliance and reporting practices that have aided law enforcement efforts. This acknowledgment comes at a crucial time, as Coinbase
Stablecoins have been gaining significant attention in the crypto market, with Ethena (USDe) emerging as one of the latest contenders. Bitwise President Teddy Fusaro recently took to Twitter to discuss the protocol’s mechanics, highlighting USDe as potentially the fastest-growing USD-denominated asset in the history of crypto. Fusaro compared USDe to an ETF, noting that the
The price of Bitcoin has once again surged, breaking through the $70,000 mark and showing signs of a strong upward movement. Crypto experts like Crypto Jelle have made optimistic predictions for the cryptocurrency, with forecasts pointing towards the $82,000 level in the near future. Jelle highlighted the recent recovery in Bitcoin’s price, describing how the