The Arrest of a Suspected Scam Coin Operator in South Korea

The Arrest of a Suspected Scam Coin Operator in South Korea

In a recent turn of events, a suspected scam coin operator was arrested in Gimpo, Gyeonggi Province, South Korea. This arrest seems to be related to the ongoing controversy surrounding the blockchain firm Winnerz. This article will delve into the details of the case and shed light on the fraudulent activities that have taken place in the crypto industry.

According to the YTN, the Gimpo police have charged an individual in their 20s with fraud. Another individual, also in their 20s, has been charged with aiding and abetting fraud. The exact details about the accused individuals have been withheld by the police for legal reasons. However, the individual charged with fraud, referred to as “A” by the South Korean press, is said to be the CEO of a cryptoasset-related company. Additionally, the police revealed that this company used celebrities, including a former national team soccer player, to promote their coin.

Winnerz, the blockchain firm involved in this case, has been subject to controversy in recent times. Lee Chun-soo, a star of the 2002 World Cup, admitted to having conversations with the Golden Goal (GDG) coin operators about a potential NFT collaboration in 2021. GDG officials even used photos of Lee in their promotional materials without his consent. This incident raised questions about the credibility of Winnerz and its projects.

The police have stated that investors were lured into purchasing the token by being promised early benefits before its listing on domestic exchanges. However, the token in question was never listed on any domestic trading platform, leaving the investors unable to recover their investments. It is estimated that around 30 investors were defrauded of over $2.25 million by the individual arrested. These fraudulent activities have caused significant harm to innocent investors who placed their trust in the crypto industry.

Earlier attempts by the police to arrest the main suspect were unsuccessful due to the court rejecting their request for an arrest warrant. However, the recent developments in the case, including Lee Chun-soo’s comments and the increasing attention on so-called Winnerz “scam coin” projects, may have influenced the subsequent successful arrest. The police are currently investigating the accused individuals and plan to complete their investigation soon.

Winnerz, the firm associated with the arrested individual, has vehemently denied any wrongdoing. They claim that the fraudulent tokens are not affiliated with their operations. However, South Korean netizens have accused the individual in custody of being Choi Seung-jung, who is believed to be connected to Winnerz and the mastermind behind the GDG project. The police are focusing on gathering evidence to support these claims and finalize their case against the suspects.

The controversy surrounding Winnerz has had a significant impact on influencers, YouTubers, TV personalities, and social media stars who had been associated with the firm. Many of them have been quick to distance themselves from Winnerz to protect their own reputation. In addition, the police have received a viral anonymous post alleging that Winnerz was running a “multi-level scam,” prompting further investigations and the involvement of other victims who have taken their complaints to law enforcement.

In light of these fraudulent activities, regulators have hinted at a potential investigation into the sale of NFT-powered concert tickets by K-pop star and “Gangnam Style” singer, PSY. This incident demonstrates the need for stricter regulations and oversight in the crypto industry to protect investors and ensure the legitimacy of projects.

The arrest of a suspected scam coin operator in South Korea has shed light on the fraudulent activities prevalent in the crypto industry. The involvement of celebrities and the victimization of investors have raised concerns about the credibility of projects like Winnerz. The ongoing investigation and regulatory considerations are essential steps towards maintaining the integrity of the industry and safeguarding the interests of investors.


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