The Changing State of Bitcoin Availability on OTC Desks

The Changing State of Bitcoin Availability on OTC Desks

The recent reports of a sharp decrease in the availability of Bitcoin on Over-the-Counter (OTC) desks have sent ripples through the cryptocurrency market. With only around 40 BTC available for sale at one point, it is clear that a significant shift in BTC trading dynamics is underway. Caitlin Long, CEO and founder of Custodia Bank, highlighted this scarcity, noting that the #HODLgang has largely held onto their BTC. This scarcity could potentially lead to a supply shock in the market, driven by increased demand from institutional investors and large corporations looking to add Bitcoin to their portfolios.

The scarcity of Bitcoin on OTC desks not only indicates a potential supply shock but also signifies a broader trend that is reshaping the market. According to Glassnode, a leading blockchain data and analytics firm, the amount of Bitcoins held by OTC desks is at its lowest level in five years. This trend points to a significant shift in price discovery from OTC desks to public exchanges, where the true market price of Bitcoin will be more transparently determined. Additionally, with large investors and ETFs like BlackRock and Fidelity facing a shortage of Bitcoin on OTC desks, there is a growing likelihood of increased demand on public exchanges, potentially leading to substantial price movements.

Market analysts are already speculating on the potential outcomes of this shifting landscape. Alessandro Ottaviani suggested that significant price movements, including “god candles” of $10k in a day, could be possible before the upcoming halving event. Francis Pouliot emphasized the self-correcting nature of the market, noting that OTC desks like BULLBITCOIN.COM never run out of Bitcoin as the price increases, prompting more selling. Adam Back provided a bullish outlook, predicting a price of $100k by halving day and highlighting the increasing belief in Bitcoin’s value.

The depletion of BTC supply on OTC desks represents a pivotal moment for the market, especially as the halving event in April looms closer and institutional interest in Bitcoin reaches unprecedented levels. The changing availability of Bitcoin on OTC desks could lead to significant price movements and a clearer price discovery mechanism on public exchanges. With Bitcoin trading at $61,903 at the time of writing, the future of the market remains uncertain yet full of potential. As always, investors are advised to conduct thorough research and assess the risks before making any investment decisions.


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