The Crackdown on Undeclared Crypto Holdings in France

The Crackdown on Undeclared Crypto Holdings in France

The recent report claiming that only a small fraction of French crypto holders have declared their coins to the state has sparked concern within the government. According to the Ministry of Public Action and Accounts, just 150,000 French residents correctly declared their cryptoassets at the end of the past financial year. This is a stark contrast to the estimated 5 million French people who hold cryptoassets, including Bitcoin, as per the European Central Bank (ECB) estimates.

In response to the low declaration rates, tax officials in France are suspecting many taxpayers of under-declaring their assets. The Ministry of Public Action and Accounts, in collaboration with the nation’s Economy Ministry, is preparing to introduce new legislation. This new legislation will include a large arsenal of measures aimed at forcing crypto holders to comply with the government’s regulations. The ministry has confirmed that the legislation will be bundled with other anti-fraud rules, signaling a strict crackdown on undeclared crypto holdings.

Failing to declare crypto holdings on tax returns in France can lead to hefty fines, with penalties potentially reaching up to 40% of the total worth of the coins. For professional crypto traders who fail to declare their coins, the penalties could be doubled to a staggering 80%. The government is gearing up to discuss these new proposals in the coming weeks, with the possibility of the bill being enacted before the end of fall 2024. This means that French cryptocurrency enthusiasts may face a harsh reality in terms of complying with new regulations.

Crackdown on Undisclosed Overseas Holdings

The Ministry of Public Accounts is also aiming to give tax authorities increased powers over citizens’ overseas assets and holdings. This move is designed to prevent French crypto holders from hiding their tokens in overseas-based wallets and crypto exchange platforms. With the government’s increased focus on enforcing tax compliance within the crypto space, those attempting to evade declaration may find themselves facing severe consequences.

Despite the looming crackdown on undeclared crypto holdings, cryptocurrency adoption in France is on the rise. A major French media outlet reported that 15% of individuals aged 18-24 have purchased crypto, indicating a growing interest among young demographics. Additionally, 9% of French citizens have dabbled in crypto at some point in their lives, highlighting a broader trend towards the acceptance and integration of cryptocurrencies in the country.

The French government’s efforts to regulate undeclared crypto holdings reflect a broader global trend towards increased scrutiny and oversight in the cryptocurrency space. As digital assets continue to gain mainstream acceptance, regulatory measures aimed at ensuring compliance and preventing fraud are becoming increasingly necessary. French crypto holders should prepare for a new era of transparency and accountability in the cryptocurrency landscape.


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