The Departure of SEC Crypto Asset Enforcement Chief David Hirsch

The Departure of SEC Crypto Asset Enforcement Chief David Hirsch

David Hirsch, the enforcement chief at the SEC, recently announced his departure from the agency after almost nine years of service. During his tenure, Hirsch led the Crypto Assets and Cyber Unit in the Division of Enforcement. This unit was responsible for handling numerous crypto cases, totaling at least 45 during his leadership.

Before leading the Crypto Assets and Cyber Unit, Hirsch worked as an enforcement attorney at the SEC’s Fort Worth Regional Office from 2015 to the present. Additionally, he served as counsel to SEC Commissioner Caroline Crenshaw between September 2020 and October 2022. Crenshaw is known for her critical stance on cryptocurrencies.

In response to inaccurate statements made by a memecoin launchpad called, Hirsch denied allegations that he had joined the project and launched over 100 coins. He clarified that these claims were false and reiterated his commitment to integrity and honesty.

Following the false claims made by, Fox Business reporter Eleanor Terrett criticized the spread of misinformation as “cringe-worthy.” Terrett highlighted the fact that SEC staff members are prohibited from holding cryptocurrencies while serving at the agency, emphasizing the importance of transparency and accountability.

After his departure from the SEC, David Hirsch mentioned that he would soon disclose his future plans. Despite the false allegations and controversy surrounding his exit, Hirsch remained optimistic about his next steps and expressed his intention to share more details following a personal break.

David Hirsch’s departure from the SEC amid false claims and controversy underscores the challenges faced in the crypto asset enforcement space. Moving forward, it is essential for regulatory bodies and industry participants to prioritize accuracy, honesty, and integrity to maintain trust and credibility within the crypto ecosystem.


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