The Fight for a Federal Reserve Master Account: Custodia Bank Hires Top Legal Talent

The Fight for a Federal Reserve Master Account: Custodia Bank Hires Top Legal Talent

Custodia Bank has recently made a strategic move by hiring two experienced solicitors to represent it in its ongoing case against the US Federal Reserve. The decision to bring on Ian Gershengorn and Michelle Kallen, both with impressive backgrounds in federal regulation and appellate litigation, demonstrates Custodia’s commitment to fighting for its rights in the crypto industry.

The central issue at hand is Custodia Bank’s alleged denial of a Federal Reserve master account. This account is essential for financial institutions looking to streamline transactions and create smoother fiat-crypto exchanges. Without direct access to the Federal Reserve, institutions are forced to rely on intermediary banks, slowing down the process and potentially increasing costs for customers.

In response to the Federal Reserve’s refusal to grant Custodia a master account, the company filed a lawsuit in 2022. The court’s ruling in March seemed to be a setback for Custodia, as it was determined that there was no statutory entitlement to the account. However, Custodia has shown resilience by filing an appeal and bringing in top legal talent to make its case before the courts.

The outcome of Custodia Bank’s legal battle with the Federal Reserve could have far-reaching implications for the broader financial industry. As more companies look to enter the crypto space and conduct fiat-crypto transactions, the ability to access central banking systems directly is becoming increasingly important. Custodia’s fight for a master account is not just about their own interests but about setting a precedent for the industry as a whole.

As Custodia prepares to file a notice of appearance with the court, all eyes will be on the outcome of this case. With the expertise of Ian Gershengorn and Michelle Kallen on their side, Custodia is poised to make a compelling argument for their right to a Federal Reserve master account. The decision in this case could shape the future of financial transactions in the crypto industry and beyond.

Custodia Bank’s decision to bring in top legal talent to represent them in their case against the Federal Reserve speaks to the high stakes involved. The outcome of this legal battle could have significant implications for the financial industry as a whole, making it a case worth watching closely.


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