The First District Court of Appeals Nullifies Suspension Order Against Binance.US

The First District Court of Appeals Nullifies Suspension Order Against Binance.US

The First District Court of Appeals in Florida recently made headlines by nullifying an Emergency Suspension Order (ESO) issued by the Office of Financial Regulation against Binance.US. This decision came after Florida’s regulator had banned Binance.US from serving its residents earlier this year, citing “immediate danger” to the public. One of the main reasons for the suspension order was the legal issues surrounding Changpeng Zhao, the founder and former CEO of Binance Holdings, who had pleaded guilty to federal finance charges.

Binance.US argued that the suspension order contained procedural errors and misinterpreted local laws. The exchange also warned against the significant financial losses that over 170,000 accounts in Florida would face if the license suspension was enforced. Additionally, Binance.US highlighted the potential harm that customers could experience from the forced liquidation of their digital assets.

In their ruling, the judges unanimously sided with Binance.US, pointing out that the Florida Office of Financial Regulation had failed to justify that their decision-making process was fair under the circumstances. The court emphasized the financial harm that could result from suspending the license and the damage customers could face from forced liquidation. They specifically mentioned the negative impact of forced selling digital assets at fluctuating prices, leading to unplanned tax liabilities for account holders.

The judges concluded that the Emergency Suspension Order (ESO) lacked consideration of alternative remedies and did not explain why less severe measures could not address the alleged emergency. This ruling is a significant victory for Binance.US, the US affiliate of Binance, the largest cryptocurrency trading platform globally. The platform has been working on rebuilding its customer base following intense regulatory scrutiny that affected its market share last year. Recently, Binance.US appointed Martin C. Grant, a former New York Federal Reserve Bank Compliance Chief, to its Board to enhance compliance efforts and rebuild trust among users. This court decision not only safeguards Binance.US’s operations but also sets a precedent for fair and transparent regulatory actions within the cryptocurrency industry.


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