The Future of Bitcoin Price: Will It Reach $100,000 or $173,000?

The Future of Bitcoin Price: Will It Reach $100,000 or $173,000?

In the world of cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin remains the flagship digital asset that often sets the tone for the entire market. Analysts have been closely monitoring its price action, especially in light of the recent halving event. Several major crypto analysts have shared their insights and predictions regarding the future trajectory of Bitcoin.

CrediBULL Crypto’s Optimistic Outlook

One prominent analyst, CrediBULL Crypto, has made bold claims about Bitcoin’s price potential in the near future. In a recent post on X (formerly Twitter), he predicted that Bitcoin would surge to $100,000 in its next leg up. According to him, this upward trend is expected to kick off within the next seven to ten days, causing Bitcoin to “absolutely giga send.” CrediBULL Crypto also expressed confidence that the worst is behind for Bitcoin, referencing a significant price correction that occurred post-halving.

Moreover, CrediBULL Crypto believes that Bitcoin’s downside is now limited, with the price unlikely to drop below $60,000. He emphasized that the cryptocurrency can’t dip below $62,000 or $63,000 at this point. With these factors in play, he expects a bullish pump to propel Bitcoin to new heights in the coming days.

Another analyst, Egrag Crypto, has presented an even more bullish price projection for Bitcoin. He indicated that the next target for the digital asset is $173,000, significantly higher than CrediBULL Crypto’s estimate. Egrag Crypto pointed out that Bitcoin’s current price action resembles its performance during the 2017 market cycle, particularly in terms of consolidation around Fib 1.0 levels.

Drawing parallels to the past, Egrag highlighted the pattern of four monthly candles followed by an “explosive fifth one” that occurred in 2017. He believes that a similar pattern is unfolding once again, with Bitcoin already displaying four monthly candles while consolidating around its previous all-time high. This observation has led Egrag to anticipate a major price surge in the near future.

Beyond individual analysts’ predictions, it is essential to consider broader market dynamics and sentiments surrounding Bitcoin. The recent shift in open interest and short positions, as noted by CrediBULL Crypto, indicates a potential reversal in bearish sentiment. The return of spot premium after a period of decline further suggests underlying strength in the market.

As Bitcoin navigates through key resistance levels and establishes strong support, investors and traders alike are closely monitoring its price movements. The ongoing consolidation phase following the halving event has set the stage for a potential breakout, with analysts divided on the magnitude of the impending price surge.

The future of Bitcoin’s price remains uncertain yet full of promise. While analysts like CrediBULL Crypto and Egrag Crypto offer contrasting perspectives on the cryptocurrency’s trajectory, it is evident that market participants are anticipating significant movements in the near term. Whether Bitcoin will reach $100,000, $173,000, or beyond, only time will tell as the digital asset continues to capture the attention of the global financial community.


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