The Impending $2.32 Billion Token Unlock on Arbitrum

The Impending $2.32 Billion Token Unlock on Arbitrum

Arbitrum, a Layer-2 blockchain network, is preparing to unleash $2.32 billion worth of vested Arbitrum (ARB) tokens on March 16, marking a significant milestone for the platform. The token unlocks will be done in a “Cliff Unlock” manner, where tokens are released in a lump sum at the specified deadline. Roughly 1.1 billion locked ARB tokens will be unlocked, making up approximately 76% of the token’s circulating supply. Out of the unlocked tokens, Arbitrum will allocate 673.5 million tokens, valued at around $1.41 billion, to its team and advisers. Another 438.25 million tokens, worth approximately $915 million, will be released for investors.

The Impact on Token Price

With the vast number of tokens set to be unlocked, the crypto community is anticipating potential price fluctuations for ARB tokens. Some predict a surge in short positions against the token on March 16, while others have already sold their tokens in anticipation of the unlock. Token unlocks are considered bearish catalysts for the cryptocurrency’s price as they free up liquidity. Studies have shown that unlocks representing more than 100% of the average daily trading volume tend to have a negative impact on the token’s price.

However, not everyone shares the same pessimistic view towards the impending token unlock on Arbitrum. Crypto influencer JJcycles shared a contrasting perspective on social media, drawing parallels to a previous token unlock by Solana. JJcycles noted that Solana’s SOL token experienced a price surge following the release of vested tokens, contrary to expectations of a price decline. This differing viewpoint suggests that the outcome of the token unlock on Arbitrum remains uncertain, with potential for positive price movement.

Despite the positive trend in the cryptocurrency sector overall, ARB has emerged as the weakest performer among the top five Layer-2 tokens, experiencing a decline of over 2% in value compared to an average gain of 3.8% for other tokens in the sector. The analysis reveals substantial sell-offs by whales, with approximately 3 million ARB tokens offloaded for $6 million just before the token unlock event. Despite these challenges, Arbitrum maintains its position as the largest Ethereum-based Layer-2 network, with a total locked asset value of $3.6 billion.

In addition to Arbitrum, several other projects are gearing up to unlock tokens this week. Projects like Aptos, ApeCoin, Flow, CyberConnect, Moonbeam, and Euler are all scheduled to release vested tokens, collectively amounting to about $53 million in digital assets. The total value of tokens set to be unlocked this week across various projects is estimated to be around $2.7 billion, signaling potential market shifts and big developments in the cryptocurrency space in the coming days.

The impending $2.32 billion token unlock on Arbitrum has generated mixed sentiments within the crypto community. While some anticipate price fluctuations and potential bearish impacts, others remain optimistic based on past experiences with token unlocks. As the crypto market braces for significant developments this week, all eyes will be on Arbitrum and other projects as they unlock tokens and navigate the ensuing market dynamics.


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