The Rise of Mollars: A New Store of Value Altcoin

The Rise of Mollars: A New Store of Value Altcoin

The initial coin offering for Mollars (MOLLARS) is gaining significant traction, with the project quickly approaching US$1,500,000 in funds raised. As of today, 72% of the tokens have already been allocated, leaving only 28% available for purchase during the presale period. Mollars has attracted considerable attention as it positions itself as the answer to Bitcoin on the Ethereum Blockchain, specifically targeting the 250 million wallet holders on this platform.

Mollars differentiates itself from Bitcoin by being a digital store-of-value asset that is deflationary in nature. Utilizing the Ethereum blockchain, Mollars boasts advantages such as faster transaction speeds, lower fees, and greater scalability. It addresses the deficiencies of Bitcoin and removes concerns related to the ‘stashed wallets’ associated with BTC founder, Satoshi Nakamoto. With a total token supply of 10 million, Mollars stands out as one of the few cryptocurrencies that have achieved true decentralization in terms of branding value and utility.

Despite not yet being listed on exchanges, Mollars is already generating significant interest as it approaches its June 1st closing date. Search volumes for keywords related to Mollars have surged, indicating a growing curiosity and potential adoption of the altcoin. This increase in search volume is seen as a positive indicator of branding value, suggesting that Mollars may experience a significant breakthrough in the crypto space.

Several cryptocurrency exchanges have already declared their intention to list Mollars once the presale concludes on June 1st. Platforms such as Bitmart, LBank, and XT will provide millions of users with access to Mollars, potentially driving further demand for the token. With a limited supply of 10 million tokens, Mollars is anticipated to sell out quickly and experience a rapid increase in price once more than 5 million tokens are sold.

During the presale at, nearly 3 million Mollars have been sold to crypto traders at a price of $0.55 per token. Following the conclusion of the ICO event, Mollars is set to launch on exchanges at a price of $0.62 per token, representing a 12% increase from the presale price. Analysts and cryptocurrency news outlets are predicting significant price appreciation for Mollars, with some forecasting a 20x increase in value (+2000%) based on the tokenomics and project infrastructure.

Mollars has garnered considerable attention within the cryptocurrency community due to its innovative approach as a store of value altcoin on the Ethereum Blockchain. With a focus on true decentralization and impressive branding value, Mollars is poised for a potential breakout in the market. As it moves closer to its listing on major exchanges, the future looks promising for Mollars and its investors.


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