The Success of Studio369’s MetalCore Funding Round

The Success of Studio369’s MetalCore Funding Round

Studio369, a videogame developer, recently announced the successful completion of a funding round for their upcoming web3 MMO, MetalCore. The funding round, which took place on March 12, resulted in Studio369 securing $5 million from a variety of investors, including Delphi Digital, BITKRAFT Ventures, Sanctor Capital, Spartan Group, King River Digital Assets, and Arrington Capital.

MetalCore is set to offer immersive gameplay features, including a dynamic mission system driven by AI. This system will provide players with unique challenges and objectives throughout the game. Additionally, MetalCore will incorporate user-generated content, allowing players to create and enhance in-game items, conduct transactions, receive rewards, and engage in various activities, all backed by blockchain technology.

MetalCore is designed to provide players with an expansive open-world setting where they can engage in large-scale battles for territorial control. Players will have the ability to craft and trade vehicles and equipment, recruit pilots, develop land, and participate in various interactive tasks to achieve planetary supremacy. The game is developed by industry veterans with experience in major titles such as Gears of War and Mortal Kombat.

Studio369 CEO Matt Candler expressed his excitement about the support from prominent companies and influencers in the gaming industry for MetalCore. The additional funding from the recent round will enable Studio369 to further refine and enhance the game, delivering a fun, engaging, and awe-inspiring experience to players. The success of MetalCore in securing funding reflects the industry’s confidence in the project and its potential for success.

Studio369’s MetalCore funding round marks a significant milestone for the development of the game. With the support of notable investors and the expertise of industry veterans, MetalCore is poised to become a groundbreaking web3 MMO with innovative gameplay features and immersive experiences for players. Studio369’s dedication to delivering a high-quality gaming experience and their commitment to expanding the game’s ecosystem demonstrate their passion for creating a successful and engaging game for players worldwide.


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