The Truth Behind Bitcoin Halving and Bull Cycles

The Truth Behind Bitcoin Halving and Bull Cycles

As the fourth Bitcoin Halving approaches, market analyst Lady of Crypto has shared her views on the upcoming bull cycle. She dismissed claims that the bull cycle will start early and pointed out that there is widespread misinformation within the community regarding this issue. Lady of Crypto emphasized that the recent gains in the cryptocurrency market are not indicative of a widespread bull run.

Lady of Crypto drew attention to the pre-halving dips in 2016 and 2020, highlighting that Bitcoin plummeted by 30% and 20% respectively before the halving event. In the current pre-halving period, BTC has seen a decline of over 17%, with altcoins falling by 29%. While the decline may seem severe, Lady of Crypto explained that it falls within the range of a typical pre-halving dip and a black swan event.

The market analyst noted that Bitcoin Spot Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs) have played a significant role in BTC breaking its peak early. She mentioned that the masses have not yet fully entered the market and highlighted the increasing social media presence as an indicator of growing interest in cryptocurrencies. Lady of Crypto pointed out that YouTube views, subscribers, and new Twitter followers are gradually returning to the crypto market.

Lady of Crypto advised underexposed investors to take advantage of the dips in the market to purchase BTC during a bull run. On the other hand, she recommended that overexposed investors hold onto their crypto assets, citing past dips in 2020 and 2021 as examples of the best course of action. The market analyst addressed the fear and panic that can arise among investors during a bull run, cautioning that such situations are merely temporary and should not be seen as the end of the bull market.

Lady of Crypto believes that the current bull run is unfolding similarly to the last two cycles, albeit with more volatility. She predicts that this could potentially be the biggest bull market ever, given the level of volatility in the market. Investors are advised to conduct their own research and make investment decisions cautiously, as investing in cryptocurrencies carries inherent risks. It is important to stay informed and be aware of the factors influencing the market to make sound investment choices.


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